Kshang Native Lands

This weeks low-effort brag-post is a new topo area for the Kshang Native Lands area in the country of Rhododactylia. Rhododactylia is not my “owned” territory, rather, it’s a free-to-edit public space on the map server. Posting mapping in these public areas is a bit fraught – various individuals come along and vandalize, alter, and otherwise mess with one’s creative work. But Rhododactylia seems to draw a higher-quality mapper than many of the public areas on the OGF server, such that I feel some hope this work will be respected and added to.

I originally created the Kshang Lands in around 2016 I think. But I recently decided to take my passion for detailed contour mapping and apply it to a free-to-edit area, and this seemed like a great place to try.

The Kshang are one of the native people in Rhododactylia, overwritten by colonists. Just like the real world, right? Anyway, they have a fairly prosperous economy in their little hilly center of the country.

Here is a screenshot showing the roughed in topo area.


Here is a link to the area on the slippy map: https://opengeofiction.net/#map=15/-44.7401/146.6816&layers=B