Support Me

You can support me and my work.

I am building and maintaining geofiction websites such as Arhet or, and finding ways to use the “OSM software stack” to provide internet-based geofiction (imaginary map-making) sites.

I do everything as a volunteer, including paying rent on various servers, such as the server hosting the Arhet planet and servers behind the OGF project.

I am spending approximately $225 / month on servers for the OGF project right now. Donations are covering about 90%.

I am spending approximately $50 / month on servers for the Arhet project right now.  There are no donations earmarked specifically for Arhet.

I also spend about $50 / month to support the OGFSRTM (topo / contours) project, on a separate server from the main OGF ones, and which I don’t consider to be a part of the main OGF project. The ogf-topo layer is a personal passion of mine is actually main reason I willingly took over OGF when its founder, Thilo, decided to give it up.

Of course, none of this includes my time – which I’m giving to these projects for free, because it’s fun for me.

I accept donations at Patreon, here.

I also accept Ethereum and bitcoin:

  • Ethereum: 0x3497c320D8FC2Bc26a9953336352B816b3248737
  • Bitcoin: contact me for address!

I maintain a monthly-updated breakdown of OGF-related spending and income here. I am not currently maintaining detailed breakdowns of other map-server spending (eg. Arhet or OGFSRTM).