Still my proudest accomplishment

For this week’s low-effort post reviewing my geofiction work on opengeofiction, I’ll present what I still consider my “masterpiece” – it’s the best bit of geofiction I’ve created for any OSM-style platform (i.e. or arhet). I did this work mostly in 2015-2016.

That’s my island city-state called Tárrases. It includes a well-wrought contour layer.


Here’s the link:


Provincia de Amor

As I said last week – I’m going to try to do a low-effort post of past or current geofiction work once a week.

For this week, I’ve been feeling nostalgic for my years living in South Korea. So I decided to post a geofiction I did while living there, in 2015 or so. It’s not the greatest – there are aspects I can even say I feel a bit embarrassed by, but at the time it was the best I’d done so far, and I was quite happy with it.

Screenshot of a map of an imaginary place called Sarang-do, hosted on the OpenGeofiction map server

Here’s the link to the map:

It’s a little bit tongue-in-cheek, linguistically. My Korean language skill isn’t that good, so the naming is probably amusing or cringey for those who are better with Korean. The whole idea is that this is a quite small, touristically-oriented, Korean-speaking exclave of my imaginary country called Ardesfera (Ardisphere). Bear, in mind, therefore, that anything outside of Sarang-do’s borders is not my work – and there’s been quite a bit of turnover by the neighbors, too, so I don’t actually know who’s currently mapping in the surroundings nor what their concept is – it’s clearly incomplete.

Long time, no update

I have neglected this blog for the last 6 months. That’s bad.

I occasionally think of things I’d like to blog here, but I get lazy or distracted with other, non-geofiction stuff, and never get around to it.

For now, I’m going to try something different. I’ll try to do a “low effort” post once a week. We’ll see how long that lasts.

One of these low effort posts will involve pointing to something I (or someone else) has mapped on one of the map servers (Ogieff, Arhet).

This week: yesterday, I uploaded some work-in-progress on the city of Saint-Raphaël, Ooayatais. It’s far from complete, but I decided that instead of hoarding the work on my desktop computer, I’d go ahead and post it in its incomplete state. Even so, yesterday’s upload was about 70k objects. (

Screenshot showing map

Note that in the screenshot, coastlines are not yet updated. There’s something going on with delayed coastline updates, which, as admin for the site, I should probably look into.