Still my proudest accomplishment

For this week’s low-effort post reviewing my geofiction work on opengeofiction, I’ll present what I still consider my “masterpiece” – it’s the best bit of geofiction I’ve created for any OSM-style platform (i.e. or arhet). I did this work mostly in 2015-2016.

That’s my island city-state called Tárrases. It includes a well-wrought contour layer.


Here’s the link:


2 thoughts on “Still my proudest accomplishment”

  1. That’s quite a nice micronation. I know and admire OGF, but never participated. Do I recognise some Amharic script in the southeast?

    1. @Stijn, yes, I use the Amharic script to write a conlang called Mahhalian, which is the pre-colonial native language of the area where this country is located.

      Thank you for your comment – sorry for the delayed response. I was neglecting this blog (as usual).

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