Best of Arhet, Week 12

The best mapping in Arhet for this week.

User Moskva, here, (concept by Mapping Expert, apparently).

In fact this isn’t so hard, I don’t think – if you use the “add svg” plugin for JOSM. But I think it’s cool to imagine a topiary garden as a giant, detailed flag. I had done this once, in front of the presidential place in Ardisphere. But it was deleted when I started work on redesigning the capital city.

Music to map by: Meg Myers, “Running Up That Hill.”

Best of Arhet, Week 9

I missed last week, so there is no week 8. Sorry.

The best mapping in Arhet for this week.

User Moskva, here.

Not that it’s great. But Arhet is a low-volume project, so far, so we can’t be too choosy.

These “mountains” are… not really mountains.

Firstly, in a cartographic sense, there is no such thing as “mountains” – there are contour lines, and there are peaks, and there are (sometimes) areas of forest. These water-tagged areas seem to represent isolines of a certain elevation, as a kind of stand-in for the concept “mountains.” Considered as isolines, they aren’t too bad.

Secondly, it hardly needs to be pointed out that mountains are not water. So the tagging as water is a egregious case of “tagging for the render.” I suppose I shouldn’t criticize this – I’ve been known to do such things myself, e.g. my Tehingdalish in The Deadlands, where my bottomless abyss is tagged as an intermittent lake. But that is different, I feel, because in that instance I’m tagging a feature that has no real-world equivalent with something that will show on the map.

Music to improve mapping by: Doit Science, “都市計画.”

Best of Arhet, Week 5

The best mapping in Arhet for this week.

User Moskva, here.

I feel a need to comment on this selection. It is definitely not my preferred style. The geography and patterns of settlement are interesting and well-done, but there are too many motorways relative to underlying detail – there basically is no detail at higher zooms. That’s why the whole thing is being done at reduced scale (i.e. I believe 1 km on Arhet’s globe represents 10 km?).

That said, I appreciate the effort going into it and it’s clearly serious geofiction.

Music to map by: Goo Goo Dolls, “Name.”