My Paper Geofiction #27

This is a very notable map, despite its poor quality. This is a historical map of Rahet. The story about Rahet is that it was colonized by refugees from Earth. When those refugees first landed, they found a lifeless, desert planet (like Mars) that needed to be terraformed. Most Rahet maps are set 10000 years in the future relative to initial colonization. This map is from the period during early terraforming. The names of places are still English-based (rather than the evolved languages that I imagined for the planet’s far future), but the geography is recognizably the “oldest” continent (earliest settled) on Rahet – Tsiqeye (also called Ciiquia).

I had this entire history worked out by the time I finished middle school. So I expect this map was drawn in maybe 1978.

Note the place called Nork. It’s deep in the desert here, but later incarnations have it on the coastline of the sea that Lake Nork evolves into. I would be interested to try an overlay series sometime – Rahet pre-Terraforming, through to the modern continent shapes.