Infrastructural Changes

Rather than my standard weekly low-effort brag post, last week I posted some user statistics for OGF.

This week, I’ll again forego the brag-post and simply announce that, effective today, this blog is residing on a new server. The old server is something I have been wanting to shut down for some time – it’s running Ubuntu 18.04 and it’s not co-located with any of my any other servers. So I’m finally getting around to upgrading to this new server, which is located alongside all my other servers (in Fremont, California) and is running Ubuntu 22.04 (the most recent LTS version). This should help me keep up with the Joneses – so to speak.

This is only one of about 10 different blogs hosted on the old blog server (not all mine, but all hosted by me). I still have to do the others. This one was first, as the “guinea pig” – having the simplest format and hopefully easiest to rebuild. The old server also, inconveniently, runs the Arhet render and my personal wiki. So those things will have to be moved, too.

There should only be minor changes apparent to visitors on the site. If you see major issues, let me know via comment, email, OGF site DM, or on the OGFC discord. Thanks.

Incidentally, this blog celebrated it’s 5th birthday yesterday. So that’s a good time to upgrade.