My low-effort bragpost for this week was created around 6 years ago. It is a bit more dystopian than usual. For the most part, my geofictions are neither dystopian nor utopian – rather, they just represent an alternate reality which is much like our own, full of both good and bad. This was an effort to create something a bit darker. It’s a refugee camp, in a poorly-defined (quite incomplete) war-torn country with serious social problems and poverty and a negligent government. Perhaps somewhat inspired by Somalia or 1970’s southeast Asia.

The Irhoborin refugee camp is vast: it has a population of tens of thousands, all in these tents in grids with additional tens of thousands in improvised shacks between and among and surrounding the gridded tent areas. I actually wrote up a fairly detailed “lore” for this place, at one time, and have an archived copy of it here.

Here’s a screenshot of the location.

Screenshot of the map window on the OpenGeofiction website, showing the patchworked grids of the Irhoborin refugee camp and some surrounding, chaotically-laid-out communities

The link to the slippy map is here: