My low-effort brag-post for this week is a pre-colonial hilltop fortress city called Arbaronga, in the country called Ardesfera. In the “present day” (modern era) this is not far from the center of the vast metropolis of Villa Constitución, which is the capital and largest city of Ardesfera. The fortress city remains as a grouping of restored ruins, a historical tourist attraction. The mapping of the city currently on the map, seen here, is a snapshot at around 1450, before the Ulethan colonists from Ingerland and Castellan showed up. The fortress area at the hilltop is mostly complete, but I haven’t mapped much of the surrounding area, meant to be covered in intensive agriculture. In the modern era, this is all city.

Screenshot of the map window on the OpenGeofiction site, showing an area mapped in the

This neighborhood is found on the opengeofiction map here: