Paine River

My low-effort brag-post for this week is showing the “twin towns” of Glensheen and Paine River, in the southeast part of the state of Makaska. Like all of region surrounding metropolitan Ohunkagan, these towns are currently stuck in a time-warp, sometime around 1920, as I try to develop the whole region chronologically. In the 1920’s, Glensheen, with its active port and industrial base, far exceeded Paine River in size. However, my expectation is that by the contemporary era, the towns will have equalized in size, as the industrial base in Glensheen declines and the exurban clout of Paine River grows. Paine River will be the modern southernmost terminus of a commuter rail line all up and down the “Silicon Shore” south of central Ohunkagan. The farm and forestlands are still a bit schematic, and need detailing, but the basics are definitely in place. I’m particularly pleased with how you can see the interaction of topography and landuse in the topo view.

Here is the area in regular view.

Screenshot of the map window on the OpenGeofiction site, a rural area with several medium-sized towns at the bay of a large lake and and river valley, with lots of detail

Here is the area in topo view.

Screenshot of the map window on the OpenGeofiction site switched to the

This area is found on the opengeofiction map here: