The Planet Rahet

My low-effort bragpost for this week is not the usual suspects, but rather a whole ‘nother planet: Rahet. I think I’ve written before about Rahet, but it’s been a few years, maybe.

Rahet is a “slippy map” planet, on the OSM platform, just like Ogieff ( or Arhet ( For a long time, Rahet was languishing with a moribund render and no api server. But I recently got both up and running again such that it’s just as easy to edit and update the Rahet map as it is for those other planets. Unlike those other planets, though, Rahet is just mine – I haven’t opened it up to other mappers and I don’t intend to. It’s meant to be the setting for a sci-fi novel that I occasionally work on, started some 30 years ago. The map is pretty spare – filling a whole planet is of course utterly impossible.

Here’s a screenshot of the planet.

Screenshot of the map window on the Rahet website, showing the whole planet, zoomed out, with some continents and a few country names

The link to the slippy map is here: